十大正规彩票平台 High School’s rigorous academic program challenges each student to develop the skills necessary for success in the college or university of his choice.  Our dedicated faculty guide students through the learning process and help them maximize their potential.  Curley’s required courses provide a firm foundation for future success, while introducing students to elective courses designed to open minds to future college majors and careers.

In the Franciscan education model, each Curley Man is engaged in an active learning environment that asks him to think, 讨论, investigate and create.  In these ways the student accepts more responsibility to grow in knowledge, thus preparing him to be a lifelong learner.

Proof of our students’ academic success can be measured by a 100% college acceptance rate, from an impressive list of colleges and universities, and over $21 million in merit scholarships awarded to the Class of  2023.  Individual success is measured by readiness for college, and the development of critical thinking, effective communication, and academic 领导.



圣. Bonaventure Scholars Program

For an elite group of students, the St. Bonaventure Scholars Program offers an academic challenge beyond the honors curriculum. 圣. Bonaventure Scholars program is a comprehensive experience that combines high-level academic coursework with opportunities and experiences that go beyond the classroom. A Capstone Project, the Days of Discovery program, and out-of-state college visits provide a rich and well-rounded experience for students who earn acceptance to this program.

的 荣誉项目

十大正规彩票平台’s 荣誉项目 is designed to challenge highly talented and motivated students to pursue Advanced Placement (AP) and Honors level courses. 十大正规彩票平台 maintains relationships with several local colleges and universities, encouraging students to earn college credits through dual-enrollment opportunities.


Ms. 谢丽尔·穆
St. Bonaventure Program Coordinator
(410) 485-5000

圣. 安东尼计划

的 St. 安东尼计划 is a multifaceted college preparatory program intentionally designed for young men who require adaptive learning practices due to academic challenges, a diagnosed learning difference, or different learning styles. This program is meant to support students and provide its graduates with the tools necessary to succeed at the next level of education.


Mr. 彼得Snarski
St. 安东尼计划 Coordinator
(410) 485-5000


Business Department

的 Accounting Program within the Business Department provides the basis for a college major in accounting and possible employment in the profession. Some of our graduates have received college scholarships in accounting and are currently employed at various firms in and around 巴尔的摩, including the Big 4. We also offer a personal finance course and an introduction to business, 哪一个, 在某种程度上, includes an overview of marketing, 领导, ethics and economics.  的 department is staffed by teachers who have all worked in some business capacity prior to working in education at 十大正规彩票平台. 的 Department is also committed to offering the most current and up-to-date facilities, technology and curriculum. 十大正规彩票平台 High School  focuses on developing practical, real-world skills for the 21st century using project-based learning.  的 computer program is designed to grow and develop over time to incorporate new technology as it becomes available.

下属:  Accounting I, Principles of Business, Intro to Programming C++, Intro to Programming Visual Basic, 个人理财

老年人:  Accounting I, 会计二世, Intro to Programming C++, Intro to Programming Visual Basic, Consumer Education & Law, Senior Internet & 网页设计

教练:  Mr. Stephen Streckfus ’93 and Mr. 卡尔·斯奈德


English Department

的 English Department is staffed with an experienced and enthusiastic faculty who dedicate their time and effort to reading and writing across the curriculum. 的y infuse their teaching with dedication to the subject matter: grammar, 作文, creative and practical writing, the reading and analytical study of British, 美国, and World Literature, and public speaking skills. 的 department offers adaptive learning opportunities for Freshmen and Sophomore students who benefit from the reinforcement of organizational, 理解, and writing skills. Advanced Placement is offered on the Junior and Senior levels for those students who wish to challenge their academic abilities and seek dual enrollment on the collegiate level. 

Freshmen:  Composition, Grammar, and Literature Survey; Reading and Writing I
Sophomores: Composition, Literary Genres, and World Literature; Reading and Writing II
下属:  美国 Literature, Advanced Placement English Language and Composition; Real World Writing
老年人:  Advanced Placement English Literature and Composition; British Literature; Literary and Mass Media Arts

附属俱乐部:  的 Curley Chronicle Student Newspaper; 愿景 Literary Magazine; Curley Podcasting Club

主席:夫人. 凯西·舒克

教师:先生. 欧文·爱德华兹先生. Stephen Mince, Mrs. 凯西·舒克, Mr. 彼得Snarski,  Ms. Holly Turlington, Mrs.Emily Vandergriff, Ms. Victoria Vandergriff


十大正规彩票平台’s 美术 Department has a comprehensive academic program with progressive courses for the study of the Arts. 仪器, art and vocal programs are staffed by professional musicians and artists who specialize in education. 的 Instrumental  rooms are well equipped with a variety of quality instruments, equipment and literature including an extensive library of Concert Band, Jazz and small ensemble literature, a complete section of percussion, as well as wind instruments from the piccolo to the tuba, all for student use.

主席: Mr. 迈克尔·加夫


导演: Mr. 迈克尔·加夫

Courses and Groups:   Music Appreciation, Curley Choir, Schola Choir, Luminare Choir, Curley Ringers

Instrumental Music

导演: Mr. Christopher Campbell

Courses and Ensembles:  Musicianship, Concert Band, Curley Jazz, Drum Line

Ensembles: Symphonic Band, 爵士乐团, Percussion Ensemble, Advanced Percussion Ensemble, 和Drumline


教练:先生. 马克·哈尔科特97年

Courses:  Art Seminar, Design & Composition, 美术, Senior Studio, Digital 摄影,

World Language Department

十大正规彩票平台 High School’s World Language Department is staffed by excellent teachers whose emphasis is based on teaching not only the spoken language, but also on teaching respect for all cultures. An emphasis is placed on developing speaking, reading, writing and listening skills. 双 enrollment is through Notre Dame of Maryland University and is offered for AP Spanish Language, AP Spanish Literature, Honors Latin III and Honors Latin IV.


A Spanish placement test is offered in the spring before freshman year.

Spanish I-IV, AP Spanish Language & 文化, AP Spanish Literature & 文化

双 Enrollment is offered through Notre Dame of Maryland University for the AP Courses.



双 Enrollment is offered through Notre Dame of Maryland University for Latin III and Latin IV

俱乐部/活动 affiliated with department:  Global Seal of Biliteracy, Spanish National Society, Field Trips to 巴尔的摩 Museum of Art and Authentic Restaurants, Opportunities for International Trips Abroad

主席:先生. Mark Muth ' 09

教师:女士. 谢丽尔·何塞先生. Mark Muth ' 09, Mrs. Annie Bartomioli, Mr. 理查德•金 Friar Jonathan Garcia Zenteno OFM Conv.

Mathematics Department

的 Mathematics Department strives to help students solidify basic concepts and skills and prepare for higher level mathematics. 为此目的, the department offers Advanced Placement mathematics courses for the mathematically talented as well as fundamental math application courses for students who struggle with quantitative analysis. Together with the National Math Honors Society, the department runs a peer tutoring program and Math Lab resources are integrated into Anthony math courses.

Freshmen:  Algebra I, Honors Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra ll, 有关微积分的知识

Sophomores:  Algebra ll Honors, 有关微积分的知识, AP微积分AB, Plane Geometry, Solid & Coordinate Geometry, Descriptive Geometry

下属:  AP微积分AB, AP微积分BC, 荣誉微积分, 有关微积分的知识, Honors Algebra ll and Trigonometry, Probability and Statistics.

老年人:  AP Statistics, AP微积分BC, AP微积分AB, 荣誉微积分, Honors 有关微积分的知识, College Algebra/Probability & Statistics, Multi-Variable Calculus, Probability and Statistics

Affiliated 俱乐部 / 活动: NMHS – National Math Honor Society, Math Club

主席:. 凯莉·詹金斯

教师:女士. 凯莉·詹金斯, Mr. Tom Olszewski先生. Jim Pavlacka,  Mrs. 娜塔莉·哈克斯女士. 南希·达利纳先生. 卡尔·斯奈德女士. 凯瑟琳•史密斯

Physical Education

十大正规彩票平台 Physical Education program is based upon the acquisition of knowledge and skills that are the foundation for engaging in physical activity. Our mission is to empower all students to sustain regular, lifelong physical activity as a foundation for a healthy, productive and fulfilling life.

Freshmen:  Health (½ credit)

Sophomores:  Physical Education I (½ credit)

下属:  Physical Education II (½ credit), Athletic training (1 credit), Weight Training & Conditioning (1/2 credit)

老年人:  Weight Training & Conditioning (1/2 credit), Athletic Training, Senior Physical Education, Athletic Training (1 credit)

主席:先生. 马蒂McGinty

教师:先生. Travis Williams, Mr. 丹尼尔·凯利先生. Demonya沃玛克

Science Department

的 overarching goal of 十大正规彩票平台 High School’s science department is to provide students with the knowledge and skills needed to be scientifically literate citizens. To that end, students are required to pass three years of science for graduation. Many courses are offered at three levels. While the content and activities at each level are tailored to meet the students’ individual needs and abilities, a central curriculum forms the basis for all courses

For those students interested in pursuing a degree in a STEM (Science, 技术, 工程, or Mathematics) field, we offer the Project Lead the Way engineering program.
This program offers students the opportunity to engage in hands-on project based learning. Students will learn to apply the skills they have learned both in engineering and science courses to solve real world problems and prepare them to apply these skills in both future academic and career environments.

Freshmen: Biology
Sophomores: Chemistry
Juniors and 老年人: Human Anatomy, Anatomy & 生理学, Topics in Biotechnology, 法医科学, 物理, 美联社物理, 美联社生物学, AP Environmental Science

工程 Courses
Freshmen: 工程 Essentials (1/2 Credit)
Sophomore: Introduction to 工程
下属: Principles of 工程
老年人: Aerospace 工程 or Electric Vehicle (EV)

附属俱乐部:  HOSA (Health Occupation Students of America),  Robotics Club

主席:夫人. 金伯利伯顿

教师:夫人. 金伯利伯顿, Ms. Danielle Larsen, Mrs. Julie Wysocki博士. 阿希什·潘迪先生. 丹尼尔·凯利博士. Steven Kebejian, Mrs. 玛丽亚·埃尔南德斯

Social Studies Department

A college preparatory curriculum placing stress on writing, 研究, public speaking and analytical skills. 除了, the challenging elective courses offered allow students to study particular areas of interest, and through our Advanced Placement course, receive college credit. 除了, a vast collection of primary documents, historical videos, computer programs, maps and globes are the background of the Department. Through the use of these materials, figures and events are placed in perspective to be easily understood with relevance to today’s ever-evolving world.

Freshmen:  World Civilization

Sophomores:  United States History I (Founding to Reconstruction)

下属:  United States History II (Reconstruction to Present)

老年人:  AP US History, AP 美国 Government and Politics, 20th Century History, 心理学, 地理位置, 美国 Military History, 经济学, History of Maryland, International Relations

Affiliated 俱乐部 / 活动:  History Club, Model UN

主席:先生. 克里斯托弗媚眼

教师:女士. Elisabeth Tisdale, Mr. 丹尼尔·艾德先生. 戈登短大衣

的ology Department

In the spirit of Saint Francis of Assisi the 的ology Department at 十大正规彩票平台 has developed a comprehensive curriculum that focuses on significant areas of Catholic Faith and Spiritual Development. 同时, that curriculum also emphasizes the holistic, educational development of each student by emphasizing writing skills, 研究, oral presentation and analysis. 的 staff is experienced, enthusiastic and dedicated to the spiritual, intellectual and emotional growth of the individual student. In coordination with Campus Ministry, the Department provides many opportunities for individual and group prayer, participation in the liturgy and receiving the sacraments. 除了, there are retreats and social justice activities within the community. Throughout the year, activities take place in the 十大正规彩票平台 Chapel 哪一个 is available to the Department and to the school at large. 的 Department may also invite “outside” speakers to address students on various subjects.

Freshmen: Introduction to the Bible and Introduction to the Mystery of Jesus Christ

Sophomores: Introduction to the Mission of Jesus Christ and Introduction to the Mystery of the Church

下属: Sacraments and Morality or Junior Catholic Leadership

老年人:  Catholic Social Teaching and Vocations or Senior Catholic Leadership

Electives: Introduction to Philosophy, Philosophical Ethics

Affiliated Organizations:  Praise Band, Franciscan Youth Ministry, FLEX Team Peer Ministry Program, Mission 4 Service Program, 类撤退

主席:Fr. Chris Dudek OFM Conv.

指导老师: Br. Lawrence LaFlame OFM Conv. 72’, Deacon Tim Maloney, Fr. Emmanuel Wenke OFM Conv., Mr. Matthew Walton, Friar Raad Eshoo OFM Conv., Friar Jonathan Garcia Zenteno OFM Conv.