Mission Statement

The Franciscan Youth Ministry Program (FYM) serves the entire student body in the integration of the Christian-Franciscan identity and values of Curley into the life of the brotherhood and the life of the individual students. Each academic year offers many opportunities for prayer, community building and service that motivates students to grow in their personal following in the footsteps of Christ and St. Francis.

The following are some of the opportunities FYM offers to the student body:


Each year all students complete service hours and are given the opportunity to integrate their service experiences with their own spiritual lives and appreciation of the life of St. Francis, especially his encounter with the Leper. Seniors will participate in a Senior Service Week in March. There are also several opportunities for students to participate in service together as brothers. One of these is the Encounter the Gospel of Life Service Camp over the summer. Click HERE for more information about the Mission-4-Service program.

Monthly Holy Hours

All students are invited to participate in a monthly holy hour at 7pm in the school chapel. Students are welcome to stay after school for various activities and a pizza dinner. This will culminate with time of praise and worship at 7pm. This is a great opportunity for students to grow in their bonds as brothers and grow in their relationship with Christ. Families are welcome to attend!


Each year, students go on a retreat to grow in their faith and bonds as Curley brothers. These retreats are student planned and executed and are filled with games, prayer moments and moments to learn more about how to live as a Curley man.

FYM Brotherhood Opportunities

All students are welcome to come to the FYM room (room 301) throughout the year to spend time together as brothers and relax while enjoying each other’s company. Every 2-3 weeks there will be a special FYM ‘celebration’ where students can come after school to discuss various topics surrounding our life of faith/Franciscan identity while also enjoying some games and snacks.

Various Field Trips

FYM hosts various opportunities for students to go out and participate in various activities in the greater Baltimore/Washington DC area. These include the March for Life in Washington DC in the month of January and the Mount 2000 retreat in February.

Toy/Food Drives

The FYM runs at least three toy/food drives each year to help the less fortunate. This is a great testimony of our students/families’ abundant generosity to help the poor in the Baltimore area.

Student Ministry Opportunities

Students are encouraged to take leadership of the promotion of the Curley values when they become upperclassmen. There are various ways for students to help lead FYM. One is to sign up to various activities and be present to help promote the mission of FYM. Juniors and Seniors can also sign up to take a Christian Franciscan Leadership class which will attempt to teach the students various leadership skills, give them opportunities to pray and reflect to grow in their own identity as a Franciscan man, and give them hands-on experience planning and executing events at Curley. Finally, those students who would like to have a more intensive formation as Franciscan leaders can apply for the La Verna Experience during their Junior and/or Senior years. This group meets regularly to pray, discuss how to promote the faith life of the school and plans/executes the retreat program at Curley.

Liturgy/Community Prayers

The entire student body gathers about once a week for either a school liturgy or community prayer moment. These moments are opportunities for the entire student body to gather to pray and grow as a community.

Franciscan Moments through the Year

  • The Transitus Service takes place on the evening of October 3.  The service at Curley joins with services around the Franciscan world commemorating the death of St. Francis of Assisi, who departed the earth for eternal life on the evening of October 3, 1226. (Traditionally this is a special effort by the Freshman Class.)
  • The Greccio Experience is a Live Nativity program and commemorates St. Francis preparing the first Live Nativity in the town of Greccio in December 1224.  It is held on a Sunday evening in December, prior to Christmas.  (Traditionally this is also a program of the Freshman Class.)
  • The Live Stations of the Cross (or Way of the Cross) are celebrated in Holy Week, commemorating the journey of Jesus from his trial to the mount of crucifixion and burial.  This devotion has been fostered by Franciscan Friars since the 13th century, and is offered for the school community.  (Traditionally this is a program of the Senior Class.)

Further Questions?

Contact friar Chris Dudek, OFM Conv., Campus Minister, in the FYM Office (3rd floor.)


Is God calling you to serve his people as a Franciscan Friar?
Talk to one of the Friars about it, or go to  http://www.franciscans.org/ for more information.